Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Video: Mini and V8 Mustang Battle on Track

There might not be a better depiction of a David versus Goliath battle in the automotive world than this. Highlighting the values of both...
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Classic Mini Cooper With Ford EcoBoost 3-Cylinder Swap Is Super Slick

Gildred Racing is a California-based company known for Honda and Acura engine swaps in classic Mini Coopers to create Super Coopers producing between 130 horsepower and...

A Classic Mini Cooper for the 21st Century

THE CLASSIC MODEL IS FROM 1959-1967 CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR TASTE 60-80HP Original A+ 130-200HP Front mounted Vtec 250-350HP Rear Mounted Vtec 4,5 & 6 speed Manual transmission External Hinges Sliding Windows Cooper S...

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